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Patrick Preston Psy. D.


Here is a link to several free guided meditations that are offered from Dartmouth University. 


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Therapy is an opportunity to speak with the comfort of knowing that conversations are kept confidential. In this way, clients can be free to speak whatever is on their mind without fear of consequence or loss of privacy, except in situations that involve a threat to life, abuse of a minor or an elder, or in other specific areas as defined by the law. This also means that I do not release any information about clients without written authorization to do so. My confidentiality policy is discussed in detail during the first therapy session.

Cost & Payment

Additional Resources

Cost and payment for therapy services is an important consideration. I currently accept Tricare, Medicare, Value Options, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. I accept the Florida Victims of Crime Victim’s Services. This funding is for individuals who have been victims of crime in the Florida. Be sure to check with your specific plan to determine if I am a participating provider. Some plans use different providers for mental health coverage and medical coverage, which may not be indicated on your insurance card. If you have any questions about your insurance plan, please call your plan directly or contact me. If I am an in-network provider, you are responsible for the amount that is not covered by your plan, which is typically a co-pay or a deductible amount. If I am not an in-network provider, or if you choose not to use your insurance, I can work with you on a fee-for-service basis.